Sonesta Select Charlotte University Research Park Facts and Reviews

Sonesta select, at the charlotte university research park, is a noteworthy structure – a rare combination of luxury and learning. It brings fun and enjoyment to an otherwise bookish environment.

Located in the research park of Charlotte University, this hotel is primarily going to be occupied by researchers, investors, and other people within the academic and business communities. However, it is also a fine place for a family get-away, or for a couple to spend some quality time together.

Whoever had the idea to bring such a luxury hotel to a university research park is certainly a genius – the idea has been brilliant. This is one of the most talked about hotels at the moment. These are what people have been saying:

Sonesta Select Charlotte University Research Park Facts And Reviews

Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park is a residential style hotel which is built on 5 acres of land. The hotel was built in 1995, and was renovated in 2014. At its highest point it is 4 floors high, but some buildings are bungalow style.

The hotel has an extensive area, much of which is covered with well-maintained grass. With the trees swaying in the breeze, this hotel gives the impression of a big house rather than a hotel. If so, it is a home away from home. It also has several advantages over other homes; it is 7 miles from downtown Charlotte, and 10 miles from the Douglas International Airport.

The hotel is not too expensive – most available reviews show that it is quite affordable to the average person. This is despite all the good things that the hotel has to offer.

Sonesta Select Charlotte University Research Park Facts

– First, it is close to the University of Carolina, in Charlotte, which makes it a great place for members of the academic community to meet, to relax, or just to stay while visiting the university for academic, research or business purposes.

– The rooms are very spacious; uncluttered with unnecessary items. This serves to make the hotel look minimalist, in a luxurious kind of way. It helps the guests stay comfortable, and productive.

– Productivity is further enhanced by the common areas in the hotel; the hotel has lounges and reading rooms. These are places where guests can sit down to share ideas, to discuss business, and to chat leisurely.

– The Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park, has a well-equipped fitness center, as well as an outdoor pool. There is a patio, and on-site parking available at this hotel as well.

– The hotel is also close to the local attractions in the neighborhood; Atrium Health University City, and PNC Music Pavilion which is the premier outdoor event center in the region.

Review: What Amenities Are In The Rooms?


Each room comes with a safe; this is where guests can safely, and securely keep their valuables such as cash, gold jewelry, diamonds, and of course documents such as research papers, contracts, investment documents, and so on. Digital copies of these kinds of documents are just as valuable as hard copies, so guests will be grateful to have safes to store these valuables.

Air Conditioning

Every room at the Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park is fully air conditioned, unless stated otherwise. This means that guests have maximum comfort when they stay at this hotel.

Of course, air conditioning can be turned off on request – if for health, or any other reason, the guest prefers to have the room at normal temperature.

Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi)

All rooms at the Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park come with internet connectivity via Wi-Fi. The internet service will be made available to guests upon arrival. Guests may also visit the front desk office for any assistance to enable them use this service.

Non Smoking Rooms

There are nonsmoking rooms or designated rooms for non smokers. Guests are encouraged to speak with the front desk about these types of rooms if it meets the individuals’ needs.

Microwave Oven

Rooms come with microwave ovens to quickly and efficiently heat food. This makes the hotel seem all the more like home – which is where people can eat what they want, when they want, and how they want.

This makes the hotel a lot less formal. Guests can therefore eat convenience food in their rooms, at odd hours, even in their underclothes.


As mentioned earlier, this is a residence styled hotel; which is why rooms come with balconies/terraces. This has an unusual calming effect; guests can enjoy the view of the surrounding gardens from their balconies. This is a great place to spend quality time, to relax, and to enjoy the small things of life.


All rooms at this hotel come with refrigerators; this is great for storing food, and for keeping drinks cold. This particular feature will appeal more to people who intend to stay at the hotel for a long stretch of time.

The refrigerators work hand in hand with the microwave ovens. This keeps the food fresh, while that warms it up before eating.

Cable/Satellite Television

All rooms at this hotel come with television sets, and on the menu there are many local television channels. Aside from that, rooms also get cable/satellite television, which offers a wider selection of entertainment options.


With cell phones being so widespread, this may seem like an irrelevant point, but for many people, a telephone by the side of the bed can make communication easy. Phone lines to the front desk, as well as to other sections of the hotel are available. Guests may request clarification from the front desk.

Free Newspapers

Free Newspapers remain a complementary offering by the hotel; it is a great way to connect with the guests, and for the guests to keep abreast of happenings in the state, and country, and beyond. It also gives guests something to read in their spare time.

What Complimentary Services Are Available At The Hotel?

– Complementary Coffee

The hotel offers complementary hot coffee to guests; this comes in the morning – around 7 AM. This is a great way for the hotel to check up on guests, and to take orders. This is a great way for the guests to know how much the hotel cares about them.

– Laundry Room

The hotel has a laundry room, a place where guests can go to wash their clothes. This is most appreciated by guests who are staying for a long time. Some guests like to do their laundry by themselves. Some guests do not.

– Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service

The Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park has a top quality laundry service; rendering affordable, yet top notch laundry services that help clothes sparkle.

– Pet Boarding Service

This hotel also extends its services to pets. People love their pets, and love to bring them along when they travel. The hotel has plenty of space for people to walk with their pets, and when the owners are not available to look after them, the hotel can offer board to the pets until the owners return.

– Paid Onsite Parking

The hotel offers paid onsite parking to guests. Visitors are welcome to keep their cars at the hotel for as long as they like. They can do so without being concerned for the safety of the cars, no matter how expensive the cars may be.

– Common Area Internet Access

As mentioned earlier in this review, the Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park offers internet access (Wi-Fi) in all the rooms. A similar service is also offered in all the common areas, including the conference room, fitness center, lounge, reading area, and even in the outdoor swimming pool.

This is to enhance the customer experience; to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Guests who experience any trouble connecting to the wireless internet service should alert any of the staff immediately.

– Wheelchair Access To All Common Areas

All common areas in the hotel have wheelchair access. This includes the fitness center. Guests may request assistance from hotel staff for any clarifications needed.

– What Recreation Is Available?

The Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park is a home away from home; a hotel built into a research environment. To make it a complete hotel experience, the hotel has various recreational activities lined up to invigorate guests, and to keep them refreshed.

– Swimming

As mentioned earlier, this hotel has an outdoor swimming pool; which is a major attraction on a hot summer day. Guests enjoy the cool water, and they also enjoy splashing around with loved ones. Swimming is a very relaxing activity; it exercises the body and calms the nerves.

The poolside area is also a mini lounge, it is an area were guests can relax after swimming. Talking is also a relaxing activity; the poolside area is a great place to talk with friends, and to make new friends.

– Health Club

The hotel has a health club; guests can contact the front desk for further information so as to join in, and participate in fun activities that promote well being. These include physical exercise, yoga, and other activities that develop strength and flexibility, while also calming the mind, and calming the nerves.

– Jogging Trails

The hotel is part of an extensive area that form good jogging trails. Guests can start the jogging right from the hotel lobby, following clearly defined pathways, and jogging of to the clear expanse beyond the hotel premises. Remember that the hotel is located on the grounds of the Charlotte University Research Park, which is equipped for jogging and other outdoor activities.

Jogging is especially enjoyable when done in groups. This can be part of the activities of the health club, or guests can decide on their own to go jogging.

– Shopping Mall

There is a shopping mall not too far from the hotel; guests can decide to stroll to the shopping mall, or to take the short drive over there. Shopping malls are not only about buying things; they can also be great places for sightseeing, to spend quality time with those we love, and to relax.

How Safe Is Sonesta Select Charlotte University Research Park

The hotel has put in place several procedures, equipment, and processes to ensure the safety and security of guests and members of staff of the hotel.

– Surveillance Cameras

The hotel has surveillance cameras in strategic areas of the hotel; and they operate 24 hours so as to capture every movement in the hotel. This can also help the security team spot suspicious movements; which means they do not only have to resolve crime – they can foil it as well.

– Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are installed in the rooms, which means there is no risk of fire damage. The alarms are installed in all rooms. Guests who will be smoking in the rooms should get clarification from the front desk before checking in.

– Sprinkler Systems

When smoke is detected, the sprinkler systems are immediately activated.

Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park Rates And Policies

The following are statements about the operating policies of the hotel:

– Credit Cards are accepted.

– Reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card.

– Deposits must be received before 6PM on the date of arrival.

– Reservations may be cancelled 24hrs before the date of arrival.

– Group discounts are offered; please contact the hotel for specific terms.

– Military/Government discounts are also offered. Please contact the hotel for terms.

– AARP Discounts are offered, please contact the hotel for details.

Contact Details of Sonesta Select

The hotel is part of the Sonesta Select chain; therefore it can be contacted via the company website: and then by searching out the Charlotte University Research Park.

In conclusion, Sonesta Select at the Charlotte University Research Park is a very enjoyable hotel; most people agree that they thoroughly enjoyed their stay, and that they will return again. That shows that the hotel has done its job well in creating a home away from home, where travelers to the academic community can stay in comfort and peace, having their minds and bodies refreshed.

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