157 Naija Trivia Questions and Answers With Fun Facts

Whether you’re a competitive type or not, there’s something about trivia that pulls it out in everyone. Unlike monopoly, which tends to transform people (for the worse) while they play, trivia tends to promote a healthier type of competitiveness.

We’ve also prepared some trivia questions to make your competitive game night more memorable. So prepare your munchies and beer. For your trivia night of fun, we provided You with a series of questions and answers! Let’s dive in.

Nigeria Trivia Questions and Answers

157 Trivia Questions and Answers About Nigeria

  1. When did Facebook originally become public? The year 2004.
  1. The tallest Mountain in Nigeria is chappal waddi. In which state is it located? Taraba is the correct answer.
  2. Nigeria is located in western Africa and has a coastline with which body of water? The Gulf of Guinea.
  3. Nigeria’s national anthem has been “arise, o compatriots” since 1978. What was the last national anthem? answer: “Nigeria we hail thee”.
  4. Who led the 1996 Olympic gold medal-winning team? Nwankwo Kanu popularly known as Papilo.
  5. Who discovered River Niger’s source? Lander brothers.
  6. Who is the face on the 20 naira note? Murtala Muhammad is the correct answer.
  7. Nigeria’s flag is made up of two colours. What exactly are they? white and green are the correct answers.
  8. Who was the leader of the “kalakuta republic”? Fela anikulapo-kuti is the correct answer.
  9. The following Nigerians Wole Soyinka, Ben Okri, and Chinua Achebe have attained fame in which field? Literature.
  10. During his first tenure as president, who served as Olusegun Obasanjo’s vice president? Answer: Atiku Abubakar.
  11. Zuma Rock, famed for possessing features that resemble a human face, is located near which Nigerian city? Abuja is the correct answer.
  12. Nigeria experienced a civil war in 1967 when the country’s south-east broke away to form a separate state under which name? Biafra is the correct answer.
  13. Which world-famous Nigerian novelist wrote “things fall apart,” a work that celebrates the greatness of Igbo society as well as the obstacles that white men have brought to it? Chinua Achebe is the correct answer.
  14. President Olusegun Obasanjo is from what state? ogun is the correct answer.
  15. Before becoming president, what was General Babangida’s position? Chief of army staff is the correct answer.
  16. Nigeria gained independence from which European country in 1960? Britain
  17. What is the official language of Nigeria?English is the correct answer.
  18. What is the name of Nigeria’s currency? Nigerian Naira is the correct answer.
  19. Who is Nigeria’s current president? Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
  20. What is the name of Nigeria’s film industry which is only second in size to India’s Bollywood. Answer: Nollywood.
  21. Nigeria’s longest border is shared with which country? Cameroon.
  22. Who was Nigeria’s first indigenous chartered accountant? Answer: Akintola Williams.
  23. Nigeria’s first and only Prime Minister. Abubakar tafawa balewa is the correct answer.
  24. What are Nigeria’s two largest religions? Christianity and Islam.
  25. When did Nigeria switch from right-hand to left-hand drive? April 2, 1972.
  26. Who wrote Nigeria’s national anthem, ‘arise o compatriots’?  Odiase Ben.
  27. Where did the name Nigeria come from? River Niger.
  28. Which two important rivers run across Nigeria? The rivers Niger and Benue.
  29. When did Nigeria’s second republic begin? 1979-1983.
  30. Who merged Nigeria’s Northern and Southern protectorates? Sir Lord Lugard.
  31. Who was Nigeria’s first Inspector-General of Police? Edet Louis Orok.
  32. What are Nigeria’s three branches of government? Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative branches.
  33. What is Ajaokuta famous for? Iron and steel.
  34. Which Nigerian state has the highest concentration of the Nupe ethnic group? Niger state.
  35. Which Nigerian state has the highest concentration of the Ibibio ethnic group? Akwa Ibom.
  36. What is the name of Nigeria’s first female novelist? Nwapa Flora.
  37. What is the national Youth Service Corps (NYSC) motto? humility and service.
  38. In what year did Nigeria’s first aircraft land in Kano state? 1st November 1925.
  39. Tin is abundant in? Jos.
  40. What year was the Aba women’s riot? 1929.
  41. When did the civil war in Nigeria begin? 1967.
  42. Who put a halt to the murder of twins in Calabar? Answer: Mary Slessor.
  43. Who was imprisoned after winning the presidential election in 1993? Moshood Abiola.
  44. Who was Nigeria’s first democratic vice president? Ekwueme Alex.
  45. Who was Nigeria’s first indigenous speaker of the House of Representatives? Answer: Wachuku Jaja.
  46. When was GSM introduced in Nigeria? 2001.
  47. In Nigeria, the highest court of law is known as? The Supreme Court.
  48. What was the very first Nollywood film? Palaver.
  49. What is the total number of members of Nigeria’s House of Representatives? 360.
  50. How many senators are there in Nigeria? 109 Senators.
  51. When was the Nigerian Central Bank established? 1958.
  52. Sir Dele Giwa was assassinated in what manner? Answer: Through a letter bomb.
  53. Which Nigerian is known as the “King of Afro Beats”? Anikulapo Kuti Fela.
  54. Who was Nigeria’s first military Head of State? Answer: Aguiyi-ironsi Johnson.
  55. When was the first refinery in Nigeria built? 1965.
  56. Who was the Nigerian army’s first female major-general? kale Aderonke.
  57. Who was Nigeria’s first female governor? Mrs Dame Virginia Etiaba.
  58. Who was the first Senate President of Nigeria? Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe.
  59. Who was Nigeria’s first Inspector General of Police? Mr. C. W. Duncan.
  60. Who was Nigeria’s first female psychiatrist? Dr. Bertha Johnson.
  61. In Nigeria, how many ethnic groups are there? Over 250.
  62. What is Nigeria’s largest state in terms of land mass? Niger State.
  63. What is Abuja’s slogan? “Centre of Unity”.
  64. The first Nigerian to get the Nobel Peace Prize is who? Prof. Wole Soyinka.
  65. Crude oil in Nigeria was discovered for the first time in which part of the country? Oloibiri in Bayelsa State.
  66. Nigeria’s name was given by whom? Mrs Flora Shaw.
  67. What does the black shield in Nigeria’s coat of arms represent? Fertile Ground.
  68. What do the two horses on Nigeria’s coat of arm symbolize? Dignity.
  69. When did Nigeria’s second military coup take place? July 29, 1966.
  70. What does the eagle signify in the Nigerian coat of arms? Strength.
  71. Who founded Nigeria’s first political party? Mr. Herbert Macauly.
  72. Who is Nigeria’s youngest governor in history? Chukwuebuka anisiobi: Chukwuebuka anisiobi is Nigeria’s youngest governor. He governed Lagos State at the age of 16 after winning a competition set up by the governor’s wife for Lagos State pupils on June 6, 2001.
  73. Who was the first Nigerian to learn to speak a foreign language? Benin’s Oba Esigie.
  74. Who was the first female Judge in Nigeria? Answer: Rosemary Ukeje.
  75. The first lady in Nigeria to drive a car is who? Mrs. Ramsome Olufunmiloyo Kuti.
  76. Who was the first female pilot in Nigeria? Kalu Chinyere.
  77. Nigeria is located in what part of Africa? Western Africa.
  78. Nigeria is located in which continent? Africa.
  79. Who emerged as the Senate President during the 2023 election? Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio.
  80. Who is Nigeria’s Vice President? Shettima Kashim.
  81. Who is Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s chief of staff? Femi Gbajabiamila.
  82. Democracy Day is now observed throughout Nigeria on which day?  June 12 annually.
  83. Who is Nigeria’s current House of Representatives Speaker? Tajudeen Abbas.
  84. Who is Nigeria’s Minister of Power? Abubakar Aliyu of Yobe State.
  85. What was Nigeria’s first political party? Nigerian National Democratic Party (NDP) is the correct answer.
  86. Which state of the federation has the most local government areas? Answer: Kano state with 44 lgas.
  87. Who is Nigeria’s current Chief Justice? Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad.
  88. Who was Nigeria’s longest-serving Senate President?David Mark is the correct answer.
  89. Which state in Nigeria is a major contributor to the country’s oil revenue? Delta state is the correct answer.
  90. With the current trend, what is the average life expectancy of a Nigerian man? 52 years old.
  91. What is the significance of the green in the Nigerian police flag? Vitality and Energy.
  92. Where in Nigeria is the Kainji Dam? Niger State.
  93. Who was the first female chairperson of Nafdac? Late Prof. Dora Akunyili.
  94. What is Nigeria’s oldest degree-awarding university? University of Ibadan (UI).
  95. Who was Nigeria’s first female professor? Elfrida Adeho is the answer.
  96. Which of Nigeria’s former presidents is also a peace ambassador? Dr. Jonathan Ebele Goodluck.
  97. Who is the Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy? Hon. Hannatu Musawa.
  98. Who is the Minister of Defence? Hon. Mohammad Badaru.
  99. Who is the Minister of State for Defence? Hon. Bello Matawalle.
  100. Who is the Minister for Education? Hon. Tahir Maman.
  101. Who is the Minister of State for Education? Hon. Yusuf T. Sununu.
  102. The current Minister of Housing and Urban Development in Nigeria is who? Hon. Ahmed M. Dangiwa.
  103. Who is the Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development? Hon. Abdullahi T. Gwarzo.
  104. Who is the Minister of Budget and Economic Planning under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime? Hon. Atiku Bagudu.
  105. Who is the Minister of State for Environment and Ecological Management? Hon. Ishak Salako.
  106. Whom did Tinubu appoint as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)? Hon. Nyesom Wike.
  107. Who did Tinubu appoint as the Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory? Hon. Mairiga Mahmud.
  108. Who did Bola Ahmed Tinubu appoint as the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation? Hon. Joseph Utsev.
  109. Who is the Minister of State for Water Resources and Sanitation? Hon. Bello M. Goronyo.
  110. The current Minister of Agriculture and Food Security in Nigeria is who? Hon. Abubakar kyari.
  111. The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security in Nigeria is who? Hon. Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi.
  112. Who is the Minister of Interior? Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-ojo.
  113. Who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Hon. Yusuf M. Tugar.
  114. The current Minister of Health and Social Welfare Coordination in Nigeria is who? Hon. Ali Pate.
  115. Who did Tinubu appoint as the Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare? Hon. Tunji Alausa.
  116. Who is the Minister of Police affairs? Ibrahim Geidam.
  117. Who is the Minister of State for Police Affairs? Hon. Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim.
  118. Who is the current Minister for Steel Development under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime? Hon. Shuaibu A. Audu.
  119. Who is the Minister of State for Steel Development under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime? Hon. U. Maigari Ahmadu.
  120. Who is the Minister of Information and National Orientation appointed by Bola Ahmed Tinubu? Hon. Muhammed Idris.
  121. Who is the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime? Hon. Lateef Fagbemi.
  122. Who is the Minister of Labour and Employment? Hon. Simon B. Lalong.
  123. The current Minister of State for Labour and Employment in Tinubu’s regime is who? Hon. Nkiruka Onyejeocha.
  124. Under Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime, the Minister of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs is who? Hon. Zephaniah Jisalo.
  125. Who did Tinubu appoint as the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy? Hon. Bosun Tijani.
  126. Who is the Minister of Finance and Coordination of the Economy? Hon. Wale Edun.
  127. The current Nigerian Minister of Marine and Blue Economy is who? Hon. Adegboyega Oyetola.
  128. Who is the Minister of Power? Hon. Adebayo Adelabu.
  129. Who is the Minister of Solid Mineral Development? Hon. Dele Alake.
  130. Who is the Minister of Tourism? Lola Ade-John.
  131. Who is the Minister of Transportation? Hon. Sa’idu Alkali.
  132. The current Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment in Nigeria is _______ ? Doris Anite.
  133. Who is the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology? Hon. Uche Nnaji.
  134. Who is the Minister of Works? Hon. David Umahi.
  135. Who did Tinubu appoint as the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development? Hon. Festus Keyamo.
  136. Who is the Minister of Youth? Hon. Abubakar Momoh.
  137. Who is the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation? Hon. Betta Edu.
  138. Who is the current Minister of State for Petroleum Resources appointed by Bola Ahmed Tinubu? Hon. Ekperipe Ekpo.
  139. Who is the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources in the regime of Tinubu? Hon. Heineken Lokpobiri.
  140. Who is the Minister of Sports Development? Hon. John Enoh.
  141. Who is the Minister of Women’s Affairs? Hon. Uju Kennedy.
  142. What was Nigeria’s first capital city? Calabar is the correct answer.
  143. Who was Nigeria’s first female university vice-chancellor? Grace Alele Williams is the correct answer.
  144. Who is Nigeria’s current Deputy Senate President? answer: Jibrin Barau.
  145. When did former President Umaru Yar’Adua die? The date is May 6, 2010.
  146. What are the Lander brothers famous for? Ans: Locating the source of River Niger.
  147. What is an election that is held to fill a vacancy in the legislature called? The answer is by-election.
  148. ——- is a social structure in which power is generated from control over land. Feudalism is the answer.
  149. Which state’s tagline is “the big heart”? Delta State.
  150. What exactly does the term CAN mean? Christian Association of Nigeria.
  151. What are the only birds capable of flying backward? Hummingbirds.
  152. What is the official language of Nigeria? English Language.
  153. Nigeria has how many geopolitical zones? 6 geopolitical zones.
  154. Olusegun Obasanjo is from which state? Ogun state.
  155. Who was the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the general election in February 2023? Obi Peter Gregory.
  156. Who is Onitsha’s Obi? Nnaemeka Achebe Alfred.

In conclusion, Trivia questions are very interesting especially for a country like Nigeria, blessed with natural resources and has a diverse culture. If you wish to get more updates on Naija’s Trivia questions, ensure you follow this blog, as we have a lot of them in our archive.

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