Boredom Busters: 50 Exciting Adventures When Boredom Strikes

That feeling when boredom strikes, nothing else interests you and you just lay on your bed, staring into nothing. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and the question you keep asking yourself is “What fun activities do I engage in?”. 

Most times you run out of ideas because even your recreational hobbies are the same and have become less interesting. When this happens you just have to step out of your comfort zone and explore exciting adventures that would help you counter the boredom. 

Today we will be looking at some of those adventures. Here is the best part, these adventures do not focus on one person’s nature or preference. They are just random adventurous ideas that can be easily done without much preparation.

1. Pick up a Book 

It’s that easy, just pick up a book and read. It could be a book recommended by your friend, colleague or just a stranger that you met in the subway. Reading a good book could keep you busy for the entire day and entertain you enough to forget your boredom.

2. Binge-watch Your Favourite TV Shows

Do you remember that particular TV show that got you cracking? Remember you saw it just once? Well, you can watch it  again to rid yourself boredom.

3. Start up a New Series

Sometimes watching the same movie over and over can be exhausting and boring. Start up a new series, explore outside your watchlist, discuss with friends on their favourite movies to watch, try other people’s taste in movies and evaluate the difference between theirs and yours.

4. Try a New Genre of Music 

Don’t be stuck under one genre of music. Different genres of music speak to different people in different ways. Try other genres just for the fun of it. If you are a pop fan you should try hiphop, kpop, rap and every genre just so you see what they sound like. Who knows you might end up picking interest in other genres.

5. Start Writing a Journal

You could start writing a journal or making a scrapbook of any theme of your choice to keep your hands busy. It’s an effective way to rid away boredom.

6. Take a Walk 

Sometimes when you are very bored the best cure or  remedy can be taking a peaceful stroll outside. So plug in your earpiece, block your ears and take a walk down the street. 

Be it a nice sunny day or a cold windy day, walking on the streets is not only a form of exercise but also a way to clear your head and get rid of every negativity.

7. Pamper Yourself 

Sometimes when you feel bored and tired or just entirely stressed out, what you need at the moment could just be a little bit of pampering.  Book a date at the spa, get a massage, a facial, a manicure or a pedicure, a tan or just the whole package. 

8. Listen to Audiobooks

Not everybody is a fan of reading words from a hardcover book. Some people actually find reading very boring no matter how interesting the book might be. Those kinds of people tend to like audiobooks because all they have to do is just listen while the reader does all the work. if you are that type of person pick an audiobook and listen to it to rid yourself of boredom.

9. Write Your Future Goals

This could be in the form of a checklist or a diary–sort of. Write out your future goals, where you would like to see yourself in a few years from now and what you hoped to achieve in the near future. Write where you are now and where you will be and the efforts you are making to achieve those dreams.

10. Try Doodling

They just might be a Picasso hidden in you just waiting for you to pick up a pencil and draw. When bored, pick up a drawing book, a pencil, a crayon and start to doodle.  No matter how old you are, you are not too old to doodle. You might be an amazing artist or you have not yet discovered your true potential because you have not actually picked up a pencil to draw. Who knows?

11. Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen has been in the same style since you moved in. Now might be the right time to rearrange your kitchen. You redecorate or just change the position of the shelves and cupboards. Redecorating might take a lot of time, money and energy, so just stick to rearrange for now.

12. Volunteer or do Community Service

Don’t stay all day in your home doing nothing! If you have nothing else to do, volunteer to a charity or do community service. This way you can be able to engage with other volunteers and make a lot of new friends.

13. Bake!

If you have never tried baking before, now might be the best time to start it. You can learn to bake or design a cake if you already know how to bake. You can watch YouTube videos on how to design different styles of cake for different occasions. There are many things you can learn how to do online. Social media is a huge place and there are lots of information waiting to be accessed.

14. Arrange a Puzzle

It is common knowledge that puzzles can be therapeutic. Get a fresh box of puzzles and place them back together. The harder they are the better. By the time you are done you would realise how much time has passed and how relaxed you are.

15. Learn a Trendy TikTok Dance

 Join a TikTok challenge or better still create one. You can use your free time to make TikTok videos that would help you gain more followers and boost your page.

16. Exercise or do Yoga

Exercise or yoga can be an effective way to relieve stress and keep yourself busy. If you do not want to exercise because of how tiring it can be, you can easily do outdoor or indoor yoga and find your inner peace.

17. Cooking Experiments

Try out a new recipe. Try to prepare new dishes. Try to cook at all! Cooking can be a fun activity too. Just be careful not to burn down your house in the process.

18. Have a Dance Marathon 

If you’re feeling hyper or even down you can start a dance marathon either with your friends or in your room alone. Dance till you are tired, shake away all the boredom and stress. You’d feel much better right after.

19. Make TikTok or YouTube Videos

Your journey to becoming a TikTok or YouTube influencer begins with just one video. Make that video today!

20. Listen to a Podcast

Listen to podcasts on a topic you find interesting. You can also listen to relaxing ASMR sounds or watch videos to relax.

21. Rearrange Your Makeup Kit

If you’re a lady, and your makeup kit has been in a total mess, now might be the perfect time to arrange it. Enough procrastination! Clean those brushes and throw away the empty make-up containers

22. Relax in the Beach 

Having a relaxing time at the beach is also an effective way to rid yourself of boredom.

23. Start an Indoor Garden

Buy an indoor plant and start your little indoor garden. It’s more fun than you think.

24. Try Hiking

Try climbing up a mountain or hiking up a hill. Even better, try camping anything that takes you out of the house to have fun will definitely relieve you of boredom. 

25. Learn an Instrument

You can start from the most basic of all instruments up to the most complex. It is more advisable to just pick one and focus on it. If you are already learning an instrument, you can use your free time to perfect it.

26. Go Fishing

Many people find fishing as relaxing; you do not even need to keep the fish, you can just catch and release. But trust that fishing is a therapeutic way to relieve yourself of boredom.

27. Try Pottery

Get your hands stained with clay! Mould whatever items of your choice even if you are not going to make use of it.

28. Try Photography

With a good camera and little knowledge about photography, this can be an amazing activity to while away time with 

29. Go Swimming

Or take swimming classes. Swimming is fun and surprisingly, it relieves stress.

30. Try Engaging in a New Sport

If you have always played or watched football, try switching to basketball. At least just for that time being. You might find out that basketball is also your type of sport.

31. Go Shopping and Try out New Outfits

As stressful as shopping is, it relieves boredom. Try out new outfits, change your taste and see how it looks on you.

32. Do Outdoor Gardening and get your hands dirty

Go out and get your hands dirty with some garden work. Plant flowers or vegetables. Anything convenient and to your taste.

33. Play Your Favourite Video Game

If you have your favourite video game at home and do not need to go to an arcade to access it, then lucky for you. Play a video game to keep yourself entertained .

34. Try Tie and Dye

Tie and dye is a fun craft that is really easy to do. You could restyle your plain clothes using a tie and dye. This makes it very satisfying and worth the time spent on it

35. Learn a Handmade Skill

You could learn sewing, crocheting or even knitting. These skills may not seem necessary to you at the time but trust that they will definitely be useful in the future.

36. Visit the Arcade

Not just the arcade, visit the zoo, the park, the museum or any other fun place of your choice. You can join the rides at the park or feed and take pictures with the animals at the zoo. You can play the latest video games at the arcade to keep yourself busy and entertained

37. Rearrange and Decorate Your Room

Your room does not have to look like a mess before you choose to decorate or rearrange it. Sometimes it’s nice to change the feel and look of your room so it appears brand new. And besides there is satisfaction that comes with it. It’s worth the stress.

38. Make Home-made Snacks

Make home-made cookies or other snacks just for the fun of it. As said earlier, cooking is an activity that can be really fun and also tedious depending on the size and purpose of the cooking.

39. Try Soap Making

Even though the process of soap making can be really long and tiring. But if you have quick access to the materials there is no reason why you should not try it. Remember you are trying to get rid of boredom. Anything works!

40. Try Making DIY Skincare Products

DIY products are always made out of simple ingredients we can find in our home. Look up DIY skincare videos and if you have the ingredients for a particular skin care product you can easily try doing it to keep your hands busy.

41. Try Brain Teasing Games

Just like trying puzzles, playing brain teasing games is also an activity that not only relieves you from stress but also gets rid of boredom when it strikes.

42. Study! Because, Why not?

Even if you do not like to study you should consider doing it when you feel bored and have nothing else to do. Even if it’s just opening your favourite subjects or your favourite text in English class. Whatever it is, studying might be an activity that could relief you of boredom

43. Write a Short Story

Challenge the writer in you! If you’re someone who likes to read then you are a potentially good writer. Pick up a pen and write whatever story that comes into your head. 

It might not be good at first but eventually you’ll be able to create an engaging piece. Also, if you are someone who loves poems, now might be a really good time to write yours.

44. Take an Online Class

Set up an online course on anything. Whether it’s a free or paid class, whatever is convenient for you. We learn everyday and it’s never too late to learn some things.

45. Rearrange Your Closet

If your closet looks like it could house small monsters then you should definitely go arrange it when you are on your free time. It  might be stressful but is definitely an activity that would help you get rid of boredom.

46. Play Board Games

Playing board games remains one of the best ways to get rid of boredom. You could play with friends if they are friends around or alone. Even though it can be really boring to play on your own, it’s better than doing nothing. Besides, playing alone helps you keep your peace and quiet while simultaneously having fun.

47. Try Handmade Crafts

Try making paper or cardboard crafts. They are really fun to do and also time consuming. By the time you are done, so much time has passed and you wouldn’t even realise it.

48. Go Out With Friends 

This is definitely an adventurous activity that you should consider when you are bored. If you are a person who prefers to stay at home all day and do nothing like going out with friends, maybe you should consider doing the opposite of that. Go out and have fun, explore and make trouble. Do whatever people your age love to do. Stepping out of your shell every once in a while doesn’t harm you.

49. Play Your Favorite Songs

Music they say, is a food to the soul. When boredom strikes, one of the best ways of sailing through that moment is playing a list of your favorite songs. By doing this, you might be physically present but your soul is sailing in the blue seas. You are cut off from your physical environment and mood. You can practice this boredom bursting technique and see the wonders.

50. Visit An Orphanage

Sometimes in Life, charitable gesture are the best ways of self fulfillments. Visiting an orphanage home simply to play with the kids or gift them items goes a long way in bursting boredom. This move gives true inner happiness knowing you have touched a life. We rise by lifting others, try this boredom busters and and feel inner peace and joy.


Stepping out of your comfort zone is a fun way to tackle boredom. Sometimes we get bored doing the same things over and over even if those things always make us happy. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities you can engage in to get rid of boredom. Happy exploring.

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