Heart-to-Heart Moment: Fun & Meaningful Topics to Strengthen Your Bond With Her

Women love to ask questions. They love to answer questions even more. You just have to ask the right question at the right time. But what questions are the right questions and when in the world is the right time? The answer to this question is quite simple. Different moments demand different questions. 

For example, you do not bring silly questions into heart-to-heart moments and vice versa. When having a heart-to-heart moment with your heartthrob, it is advisable to bring up deep and meaningful questions or topics. You know, the kind of topics that spark up conversations, the kind that suits the mood.

When you are on a romantic dinner date just having a one-on-one discussion in your home, or on a romantic call on the phone, it can be pretty difficult to come up with engaging topics to talk about or questions to ask. If you keep reading, you will get that difficult problem solved today.

If you can’t think of a topic to discuss, ask her questions, they go a long way. Of course, these questions do not need to be too intimate nor should they be too casual, just somewhere in between. Enough chit chat, here are a few meaningful topics you can discuss with her during heart-to-heart moments.

Questions To Ask That Sparks Up Your Relationship When Chatting With Her

1. Her Biggest Fear

Ask her what scares her the most. What is she most terrified of? It can be an imaginary thing, not necessarily cockroaches and spiders. It can be losing her job or not having to receive the promotion she has worked hard for. It could be losing a family member or a close friend. Or it could just straight up be cockroaches and spiders.

Whatever it is, let her tell you. Don’t be in a hurry to tell her not to worry or that there is nothing to be scared about. Show keen interest while she tells you so she doesn’t feel she is talking to herself. Do this without interrupting her.

2. What Makes Her Happy 

What lifts up her spirit whenever she feels down. What instantly cheers her up?  Food? Money? Flowers? Chocolates? shopping? A trip to Mulan? What takes away her depression? Happiness is defined differently by different girls. Some find great joy in sitting in their room listening to music or reading a book. 

Some prefer taking a walk or climbing a mountain. While some have spending money as their stress pill. Whatever it is, enquire from her as this might be a factor that determines the theme of your next date.

3. Her Dream Life 

What kind of life has she always wanted? How simple or posh does she want it to be? Where does she see herself in the next few years? What efforts is she putting into making her dream life become a reality? How dependent is she on the people around her? How much difference is there between her present life and her dream life? Has she given up on her dream?

4. What She Wants in a Partner

Listen keenly when she is answering this! She just might describe you. If you plan on impressing her, then take note of all the qualities she lists out and check if you possess any of them. You do not have to necessarily change your entire self for her but if you could, you should.

5. Her Insecurities

Every lady has one thing she is insecure about. It could be the bridge of her nose, the shape of her eyes, the length of her lip or her entire face. It could be the pimples on her face or the eye bags under her eyes. Whatever it is, let her feel safe enough to tell you. This might also be a good time to remind her that she’s beautiful just the way she is.

6. What She Fell in Love With About You

If you guys are already in love, feel free to ask her one thing about you she fell in love with. If she says it’s the way you made her feel, make sure you do not stop making her feel that way. It is also a nice time to share with her what you fell in love with about her

7. A Habit She Wants to Change About You 

Nobody is perfect, so no matter how much she loves you, there is definitely one thing about you she would love to change. Whatever it is, even if you can change it, be sure to hear from her and ask that she’s patient with you.

8. One Thing She Would Want to Change in Your Relationship

If the relationship is not going as well as she thought it would go, let her tell you her problems with it. You can also share yours if you have any. Remember, it takes two to tango.

9. If She Believes in Marriage 

Not all girls believe in marriage. Everyone has their own idea of how they want their life to be like. Many people do not like the idea of being “tied down” by marriage. It’s advisable to ask her from the start if she believes in marriage or if she is ready for it especially if you are hoping the relationship would lead to marriage.

10. Her love Language

What is her love language? How does she communicate her feelings without words? Physical touch? Eye contact?

11. If she believes in love at first sight

Does she believe in falling in  love at first sight? Does she believe that love at first sight can be true love?

12. Her Red Flags

What turns her off in a man or a relationship, things she can not handle? What are the things that would make her lose interest in the guy she likes quickly?

13. If She Believes in Soulmates

Not everybody believes in things like soulmates. You can ask her if she does and if she can identify her soulmate if she encounters him.

14. What is Her Defense Mechanism

If she is comfortable enough with you, she can share her defence mechanism with you. Be it current or past. 

15. What Friendship Means to Her

Many ladies value friendships more than anything in the world. They are ready to go to any extent to make their friends happy. If your lady is that type of person, make sure to give value to her friends the way she does even if you don’t value them as much as she does.

16. If She is a PDA Type of Person

This topic is really important to discuss. She might be someone who loves public displays of affection and would expect you to be affectionate in public. On the other hand, PDA might make her really shy and she would feel really uncomfortable if you are affectionate in public.

17. What makes her feel loved

What actions make her feel loved. What does she consider a man’s love language? What actions should someone do to show their affection towards her?

18. What her dream wedding looks like

This is an interesting topic to discuss. Many girls already picture their dream wedding from childhood. Some grow up and change it while some still maintain it. You could ask her about how she envisions her future wedding–if she believes in marriage that is.

19. If She Still Keeps in Touch With Her Exes

Some girls are cool with keeping in touch with their exes even after breakups. Is she like that? Is she also cool with you keeping in touch with your ex? You can also ask her to show you a pick of the most recent if you want to and if she likes.

20. An Unforgettable experience with her Ex

Sharing this piece of information with you is not as weird as you might think. Be it pleasant or sour, let her share experiences with her ex with you. That way, there would be lesser secrets between you too. And more importantly, you won’t get surprised if you find out about it later.

21. Her First kiss

This topic is a mix of casual and intimate. It just depends on how it is told and who it is told to. You can ask her to share the experience of her first kiss with you. At what age did she get her first kiss? How was it. How did it make her feel? Was the experience pleasant or crazy? If she would kiss the same person if she went back in time. If she can consider that person her first love.

22. Fun Facts About Herself

This can include both casual and intimate facts about her. If she can speak a foreign language or if she is good at impressions or has a special skill. If she’s a good singer or dancer and if she has ever performed in front of an audience before.

Her high school profile, if she was a nerd and only liked to keep to herself. If she was the popular girl that everyone was scared of. How high school changed her or how she changed after high school.

23. How Would She Know if She is in Love With Someone

Some girls can tell when they are in love with someone. Some are just ignorant while others can tell but prefer to ignore. You can ask her what she does when she’s in love with a guy. Can she tell when she is in love? If yes, what does she do when she realizes that she is in love? Does she straight up go for it or uses her body language to communicate? 

24. Her Religious Beliefs 

Is she a religious person? What religion does she believe in? How has her religious beliefs affected the way she sees life and relationships? If she believes in the supernatural or she is more of a logical person.

25. What is on Her Bucket list

What activities are on her to-do list? Is it possible for the both of you to complete that list together? How many activities are in her year’s bucket list. Are there activities that she feels she would not be able to achieve that year because of certain reasons.

26. If She Wants Kids

As funny as it sounds, not all women want kids. And the ones who want, only want a small number of them. It’s essential to discuss the number of children that you would be able to properly take care of. This is not only if you’re planning on having kids in the future.

It is an interesting topic that sparks up conversations effectively and strengthens bonds.


You have stayed silent enough during your dinner dates. This is definitely the last time you will be seen as boring Joe. Thanks to these tips, you would never run out of things to discuss. Want to know why? Because one topic can bring up millions of other topics. It is not an exaggeration, it’s a fact.

Like said earlier, these topics can be used anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is memorize them and say them by heart in front of her. These topics not only keep the conversation going, but it also helps you gain more information about the person you’re into and strengthens your bond with her.

Don’t forget to keep a record of her answers so you can show her what a good listener you are. Empathize with her sad experiences, laugh with her at her funny ones and be happy with her for her achievements. Try not to blame her for her previous mistakes, instead remind her that it is all in the past and she needs to let go.

Do not speak less of her traumatising moments, instead tell her that she has absolutely nothing to be worried about. In all show her how much you value the information she has shared with you.

Remember to cling unto us for more interesting insights!

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