35 Unique Facts About Life That Will Amaze You

Life is a never-ending adventure full of challenges and opportunities waiting for us to explore. Sometimes we get carried away in the continuous hustle of life that it’s difficult to keep up with so much information that the experience of living places at our fingertips.

The media is a jungle. A busy street with so much to see and hear. But we often do not come across the right information that is beneficial to our everyday lives.

Enough long talk, let’s get into some random yet unique facts about life you probably are not aware of. These are facts everybody should know, including you.

Unique Facts About Life

1. Fake Smiles Can Hurt You

Do you know when someone is flashing you a fake smile? Can you tell? Most people believe they are experts in flashing fake smiles. Even if you are, you have to stop it immediately. This is because fake smiles have been proven to be detrimental to our health. That’s right, fake smiles have negative effects on our overall happiness and health.

People affected mostly by this include; receptionists, waiters, bus drivers, etc, who always have to put on a friendly face and smile–even if they don’t want to–during office hours.

2. Sleeping in a Cold Room Helps You Lose Weight

Many people want easier ways to cut down on calories. Ways that do not involve the stressful exercise routine. Guess what? There are so many of them and sleeping in a cold room is one of them.

Studies have shown that if we sleep in a cold room for at least a month, we would lose a lot of weight. Incredible isn’t it? Losing weight while sleeping!

3. Sneezing Can Break Your Ribs!

You have been sneezing all your life with this piece of information right? A cracked rib caused by sneezing is more common than you think, especially among the elderly. Be careful the next time you sneeze!

4. It is not Possible to Breathe and Swallow Simultaneously

You just tried doing it, didn’t you? Can you see that it’s physically impossible to breathe and swallow simultaneously? This only applies to adults though. Babies can breathe while being breastfed.

5. Sleep With Your Doors Closed!

Closing all your house doors before sleeping can save your life. In case there’s a fire in your home while you’re asleep, closed doors can help contain the flames by blocking the flow of air and smoke.

This way, you’ll have enough time to escape when you notice the fire. So before you sleep tonight, close all your doors!

6. Sharp Knives are Safer to Use

Do you know that dull knives are more dangerous to use? When you use a sharp knife, the amount of pressure applied is less because it can easily cut through the given object.

But when using a dull knife, we tend to apply a lot more pressure, and when the object eventually gives way we end up with a huge injury from the knife. Sharpen all your kitchen knives to avoid kitchen accidents.

7. Your Ears Grow Too

You got that right! Indeed one’s ears never stop growing. Just like every other part of our body, our ears change as we grow.

8. Four-year-olds Ask Hundreds of Questions!

An average 4-year-old asks about a hundred questions per day. It can be annoying at times for parents to always have to answer the very curious beings.

It’s completely normal for them to be curious about everything at that age, so be sure to answer as many of their questions as possible.

9. You are Taller in the Morning

You’re slightly taller in the morning than at night, at least by 1cm. This is because when we sleep, our body is at rest and it stretches back to its full form when we get up. in the morning.

10. Humans Shed Their Skin

Believe it or not, shedding is a natural and essential occurrence in all humans. We shed at least 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime. This does not make us snakes, no. It’s just a process that has to take place for us to maintain an infection-free healthy skin.

11. Water Won’t Put Out a Grease Fire

Read carefully, the fact here can actually save your life! Next time there’s a grease fire, don’t try quenching it with water. Because instead of putting it out, water worsens a grease fire.

Try covering the fire and depriving it of oxygen. Using a Class B fire extinguisher also helps.

12. Women Have a High Pain Threshold

That’s right, women tend to have a higher tolerance to pain than men do.

13. The Dishwasher also Needs Washing Too

This may come as a surprise, but you actually need to wash your dishwasher, or a least clean it every once in a while. If you don’t know how to get that done, hire a professional.

14. Women Can Give Birth After They Die

This rare phenomenon is also called coffin birth. Even though this is a fact, only a few incidents have been documented.

15. High heels Were First Designed for Men

This fact is almost hard to believe! The original reason for making heels was to help men  appear taller.

16. Throw Away the Cotton in Your Medication Bottles!

We often forget to discard the cotton in our medication bottles. If you leave it there deliberately, you should consider removing it now. It was placed there during the transportation of the pills but should be removed immediately after the bottle is opened.

This is because it absorbs the moisture from your pills which makes them less safe for consumption.

17. You are More Attractive Than You Think

People indeed see you as being 20% more attractive than you see yourself. Most of us get compliments about our looks but don’t believe we’re that attractive. This is because you have never actually seen your face, only reflections and pictures of it. 

18. You Can’t Create a New Colour

This stands to reason that our brains and senses are limited. It is impossible for you to create a new colour even if you tried. You’re stuck with the already existing colours for the rest of your life.

19. You Can’t Hum While Holding Your Nose

You’re trying to do it, aren’t you? It didn’t work, right? That’s right, ‘cause it’s impossible to do. The process of humming is actually exhalation. Air needs to go out, so if both your nose and mouth are closed, you can’t hum.

20. You can Lose Weight if You Don’t Sleep!

Do you know that if you stay up all night, your body burns an extra 161 calories? However, this is not an advisable way to burn fat because your system needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly. So quit night scrolling and get some sleep. Otherwise, you’d be drowsy the next day.

Research has shown that one night of sleep loss requires four days to recover. Not sleeping at all can also lead to death.

21. A Woman can Get Pregnant for Two Different Men at the Same Time!

This is another rare phenomenon called heteropaternal superfecundation. There are few cases of it recorded. In this regard, a woman can carry twins of two different fathers. Unbelievable right?

22. You Share the Same Birthday With 20 million People!

There are probably people out there who share the same birthday, and year with you! If that’s not exciting, what is?

23. The Colour in Pitch Darkness has a Name

When you close your eyes in a completely dark room and open your eyes, the color you see is called Elgengrau. The shade of gray can only be seen by people when there’s no light.

24. People who Smile the Most Have the Saddest Lives

Almost everyone is aware of this fact. Most people with sad lives tend to hide their sadness in public. They flash the biggest smiles and laugh the loudest. If you do that, please stop, it is unhealthy. Get someone to confide in and let the load off your chest.

25. Some People are Irrationally Afraid of Being Happy

It is also known as Cherophobia. When people are afraid, terrified even, of doing anything that would lead to happiness. People with this phobia disengage themselves from any fun activity that would lead to them having fun or happiness.

26. The Foil Seals in a Medicine Bottle are There for Poison

Although this is a fact you might have already known, it’s crucial to be reminded not to buy medicine with a broken seal. No matter how small the breakage is. Sometimes during the transportation of those medicines, they may come in contact with other substances that are dangerous to you, thereby poisoning the medicine.

27. The Expiration Dates are not for the Water but for the Bottles!

You got that right, the expiration dates on your bottle water are not for the Water. They are meant for the bottles. Did you really think the expiration dates were for the water? Water does not expire, it only gets contaminated. 

Once the bottle expires, the plastic begins to leak into the liquid.

28. Humans Value Handmade Objects Over Expensive Ones

This here is called the IKEA effect. When people value an object they spend time and energy making over the ones bought with money. Let’s take for example, you’re asked to bring a chair to school and the instructions were that you could make your own chair or buy a new one. 

Then you spend days constructing a chair to perfection. If someone gets you a new chair for that same school project, you’d definitely prefer to carry your handmade chair to school. The new chair might be more beautiful than the handmade one, but because you spent time and energy to make it into perfection, you value it much more

29. Weight Gained From Emotional Eating is Called Kummerspeck

During heartbreaks or when we’re feeling down as a whole, we tend to eat more junk to kind of cheer ourselves up. The weight gained for such emotional eating is called Kummerspeck which literally means Sorrow fat.

30. Parents Lose About 6 Months of Sleep in the First Two Years of Their Child’s Lives

The average parent loses so much sleep during the first two years, due to night time feeding, diaper changes, and other caregiving responsibilities. It is usually a relief for parents once their babies finally sleep. Phew! 

31. Dog Owners Prefer Their Dogs to People

Research has shown that dog owners would rather hang out with their dogs than go out to hang out with other people. You wouldn’t blame them though. After all, dogs are also called ‘man’s best friend’.

As much as you love hanging out with your pets, it’s also essential to associate with the people around you. Make sure you hang out with friends and have fun too.

32. If Your House Smells Like Gas, Do not Turn on the Light!

If your house suddenly smells like gas, don’t touch the light switch. One spark from the switch can blow up your whole house. Instead gently open your windows to allow air in and the gas out.

33. Your Friendship Might Last a Lifetime

Psychologists claim if your friendship lasts more than six years, it would last a lifetime.

34. You Might Be Suffering From Iron Deficiency

If you always feel like crunching on ice you might be suffering from anemia. Chomping of ice is a way of cooling inflammation caused by lack of iron. So if you always crave ice, you should see a doctor.

35. There are More Life Forms on Your Body Than on Earth!

It’s funny, isn’t it? How the human body is like a planet full of microbes. Don’t let it freak you out, but there are trillions of microbes and microscopic mites living rent free on your body right now. You can’t see them without a microscope though, but they are there, having a blast on your skin.

In conclusion, there are so many interesting facts surrounding human existence. Many of them are worth knowing and important for everyday life. So even with your busy schedule, make time to read these facts and always stay informed.

Also, ensure you have fun with friends, go on vacations, smile genuinely, eat healthy, study, get good grades, and become the best version of yourself. Life is a beautiful thing, it’s precious and delicate. Don’t while away yours!

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